I love your work – how do we book?! Or do we need to meet first?
If you’ve decided you want me to photograph your wedding (yay!) then let me know your full names, wedding date/location and your address and I can draw up the paperwork. l’ll send you a link to the deposit (£100 to book) and a T&C's form (which can be filled in/signed online – very whizzy). About half of my clients meet up before booking, the rest are happy to just chat on the phone or facetime to start with, then book me to secure the date and meet up closer to the big day (it is nice, but not essential, to meet clients some time before the big day – it saves the embarrassing ‘Who’s the bride?’ question!). I do my client meetings in my home in Fittleworth, West Sussex but also happy to meet elsewhere for your ease. Many of my weekends are taken up with weddings, so I do client meetings during the week and some weekends if possible! I do a lot of meetings via facetime/phone/skype where that’s more convenient.
My other half hates having his/her photo taken! And we don’t want lots of posed shots. Is that a problem?!
Nope! In fact I’d say that reticent couples are my speciality. For most of the day I’ll work really naturally and unobtrusively and you’ll be too busy having the time of your lives to notice me too much. I think it’s much more valuable to capture the actual story of the day, and the real moments rather than directing things. A photo of you laughing because your groom has put the ring on the wrong finger is so much more precious than you fake laughing because I’ve said ‘And now please laugh’. I do like to have 20-30 mins away from your guests to take some couple portraits (more if you’re loving it, of course), but I do those in a really painless, fun and natural way e.g. ‘Hold hands and walk over there’ whilst I snap away with a long lens, rather than ‘Bend your leg, move your head 35 degrees to the left, stop smiling, no not like that’ etc! I’m good at reading people and making them relax – it won’t work if you’re not enjoying yourselves so that’s a key part of my job!
I know your style is quite natural, but will you take formal/group photos?
Absolutely! I suggest keeping them to ten or fewer different combinations of people but I will do as many photos as you want if you’ve allocated time for them! I will often suggest re-ordering them to make them flow more quickly, and I ask you to allocate an usher or someone to help round people up.
What happens if your camera breaks?
I bring two cameras to every wedding, multiple flashguns, lenses, and upteen memory cards/batteries etc. So, it’s not a problem if something breaks.
How long does it take for us to see our photos?
I generally post a photo or two on facebook within a week of your wedding and get you the full set within 4-6 weeks. Of course, if you’re anti-facebook etc then do let me know.
Can we print the photos from the USB stick?
Yup! In fact, I strongly encourage you to print them. I can in fact print any size up to A2 for you and have it framed if you wish! P.S. Please back up your files too.
Do you need to do a site visit before photographing our wedding?
Usually we will do a venue meet 2 weeks prior to your wedding day. But we have to keep in mind the light is the key part, so where I recommend doing couple photographs is different depending on whether it’s sunny or not, and the time of day/time of year because of course the sun is in different places in the sky at different times. If it’s really sunny there’s only a few angles relative to the sun that work (so you’re not squinting in the sun) so that is really crucial. Also of course surroundings can vary – what’s in bloom in a garden changes, whether a catering van will be in the background etc! I’ve photographed so many weddings that I’m used to assessing venues/light etc on the fly and working quickly and flexibly.
What happens after booking?
I love it when people keep in touch – I love knowing when people have found their dress etc! Some clients like following me on facebook or instagram – quite handy for seeing other weddings and stealing some ideas! 3-5 weeks before the big day I’ll touch base again and send you a link to a details form (along with a balance invoice – sorry!) to get more of the nitty gritty details (timings, locations, group shot list etc). We can talk it over by phone if you’d like, or you’re welcome to come over again and chat it through – whatever suits you best.
Do we need to feed you on the wedding day? Do you have any dietary reqs?
I do not expect any couple to feed me but of course a hot meal can work wonders on energy levels over my stodgy sandwich and squished banana. Of course I totally understand wedding budgets can be tough and so I completely understand if not. Just let me know 🙂
Do you do engagement/pre-wedding shoots?
Yes! I particularly like doing then amongst the nature, in your favourite or engagement spot and evening shoots in the golden hour in June/July. Let me know if you’re interested in one and I can give you a quote.
Do you have insurance?
Of course! My gear being insured and I’ve got public liability insurance.
Do you work alone?
I work quickly and like to be as unobtrusive as possible so generally work alone, but where necessary I can bring a second shooter. Happy to chat about this and give a quote if you’d like.
What happens if you’re ill on our wedding day?
In the VERY unlikely event I am ill, I have a selection of photographers I work with that could photograph your wedding day. If you have a second choice and they are free then you would receive a full refund from me.
We didn’t choose a package with a wedding album but we love the photos and really want an album now – is it too late?
Nope! An advantage of booking a package with an album in is that the price is fixed when you book, but you can order an album at any time. I recommend doing it within 3 months of the wedding otherwise from experience you might never get round to it…and what a shame for your grandkids to discover a usb stick of your wedding photos that doesn’t work with whatever crazy computers they have then!
What happens after the wedding?
Your experience doesn't end with your shoot. Afterwards you'll be treated in an in-person viewing of your finished images. If you're like most of my clients, you probably want something beautiful to display in your home. I know it can be hard to envisage what you can do with your photographs, that's why I show you exactly what they could look like on your walls or in an album. You'll be blown away with what we can create together. But don't worry, you'll not be subjected to any sleazy sakes pitch or put under any pressure to purchase something you don't want or need. And did I mention that there will e coffee and cake to aid the creative process...