A Rank of The 5 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in Sussex

17th August 2020
Wedding Venues

In 2019, it took British couples an average of between 7 and 12 months to plan their weddings.

Between cake tastings, visiting venues, choosing a wedding photographer, solidifying the guest list, and sending invitations, wedding planning proves to be quite a time-consuming task.

Even just choosing a venue can be overwhelming and exhausting because there are so many out there. I wanted to help ease the stress by narrowing the options and highlighting the 5 most beautiful wedding venues in Sussex.

Read on to discover the beauty and offerings of our top 5 wedding locations.

1. Southdowns Manor

Located in South Downs National Park on the edge of West Sussex, this venue offers luxury that is hard to beat. The venue holds up to 150 guests, and the best part is that it will be yours for the whole day. There will be no need to watch the clock or dodge guests who are attending a different wedding.  

In addition, the venue has 14 of its own guest rooms as well as a honeymoon suite. It’s a great way to get as much as possible out of your special day. From getting ready in the morning to pronouncing your love before your closest family and friends to partying the night away, you can also stay overnight and wake up to a beautiful breakfast with your wedding guests. 

Simply put, this location is beautiful. Surrounded by nature, the views from the landscaped terrace and luscious gardens are unbeatable. The reception rooms are elegantly decorated with ample room for dining and dancing.

2. Castle Goring

Summarised in one word, this venue in the South Downs National Park is regal—after all, it is a castle. Built in the 18th century, it has a plethora of options for celebrating your wedding and a capacity of up to 250 guests.

Castle Goring has a bridal suite equipped with a full bathroom and elegant furniture. It is the perfect location for getting ready and taking beautiful pre-wedding photos. 

For the event itself, there are a number of options. If you want an outdoor wedding, consider using the terrace which feeds into the lawn and is surrounded by nature. For that feeling of royalty, go for the Ceremonial Hall or the State Rooms. 

3. Gate Street Barn

A rustic yet elegant venue with a lot of character, Gate Street Barn is located in the Surrey Hills. Immersed in nature, the grounds include landscaped gardens, a working farm, and even a herd of cattle! 

There are 3 wedding packages to choose from, each at their own price points and offering different services. The venue also has room for you and your guests to relax with 11 bedrooms onsite. 

Surrounded by trees, there is a DIY space outside in what Gate Street Barn considers the woodland. The area is set up with a wedding in mind; it includes an altar and seating area, but it can be decorated in whatever style you choose. Don’t worry though—the staff can help you 

4. Bignor Park

Tucked into West Sussex, Bignor Park offers that personal feel. A family-owned establishment, this venue is limited to 12 weddings a year. This means that couples are afforded the added luxury of a stress-free setup (the space will be open to you 2 days before your wedding) and the tranquility of not being rushed. If you’re a dog person, you’re in luck because this venue is dog-friendly!

This venue is full of nature, and the upkeep is impeccable. It has 11 acres of gardens and views of the South Downs, Bignor Hill, woods, and farmland. There are indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate any type of weather.

5. Two Woods Estate

This wedding venue is rustic and intimate. Outdoor weddings at Two Woods Estate take place immersed in nature, surrounded by redwood trees. On rainy days, it can be easily relocated to the covered barn area. 

This venue is unique because it has a meadow with space to camp. Up to 20 guests can spend the night under the stars. Likewise, there is a honeymoon suite to get ready for your special day and then spend the night. This option adds to the relaxed ambiance because you won’t feel rushed to leave the beautiful venue.

Two Woods Estate has a variety of wedding packages ranging from intimate weddings with fewer than 60 guests to larger affairs of up to 100 attendees.

How to Choose Between the Perfect Wedding Venues

With so many great options for wedding venues, it can be hard to choose. Here are some things to consider before diving in and booking a location.

What tone do you want to set for your wedding? Maybe you relish in the beauty of nature and want to spend your special day gazing at lush gardens and tall trees. Maybe you want to feel like royalty and spend your wedding day on castle grounds. 

Consider your ideal backdrop for photographs. Pictures last a lifetime, so think about what you will want to look back on for years to come.

If your out-of-town guests will need a place to stay, consider booking a spot that offers onsite lodging.

Take a look at your guest list and the number of people that will likely attend your wedding. This will help weed out venues that can’t accommodate the number of guests.  

If you have a caterer that you want to work with, be sure to look for venues that allow outside vendors. 

Choose a Venue and Immortalise It

Now that I’ve done some groundwork on wedding venues for you, it’s time to jump into action and reserve that perfect date for your perfect day.

Immortalise your pick with some beautiful photographs, and voila! You will have memories to last a lifetime.

I’ve got you covered for your wedding photography needs, by the way. Contact me so we can get to know each other and decide on how to perfectly capture your love

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