Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Photos: Themes, Poses, and Tips

26th June 2020
engagement photos

Engagement photos can be a wonderful way to mark your engagement. The excitement around the engagement photos of both Prince Willian and Kate Middleton and later of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a case in point. Harper’s Bazaar was unable to contain their excitement.

Plan your engagement photos as meticulously as you plan your wedding photos. They can set the tone of your wedding!

Read on to learn how to achieve your ideal shots.

Engagement Photos and Professional Photography

Your engagement is a personal and public event. It’s personal because it’s a special moment of commitment between two people. It’s a public event because it’s a statement you make to the world about your intentions.

As a private and intimate event, it’s something that you may wish to mark in some way. Having photographs taken is a wonderful way to do this. You can look back on the special moment or this time in your lives whenever you look at the photos.

As a public event, you can share the occasion with friends and family by sharing photos. They then become part of the special event.

It can even be a way of looking forward to a wedding which is another private and public commitment and celebration. You can even use your engagement photographs on thank you cards and wedding invitations.

Just as you would engage a professional photographer to take photos of your wedding, a professional can capture your engagement in a beautiful photographic record. 


A key aspect of engagement is the location. Engagement photographs can be of the moment of the engagement. If your engagement is in an iconic location, a photo of the event in the location has to include the scene.

Some incredibly photogenic sites appear in the top proposal locations. The Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon and Tower Bridge in London are just a few of the locations that offer even an amateur photographer plenty of inspiration.

After the proposal, some professional photographs to mark the announcement might be best taken in a location that won’t try to upstage the couple. A location such as your chosen wedding venue can be a neat foretaste of a wonderful day to look forward to. Consider photographs in the gardens of Field Place Manor House or in the South Downs countryside near Cissbury Barns.

Interests and Hobbies

Feature a shared hobby or interest in your engagement photos. A love of motorsport, dogs, or some other shared interest can provide a theme for a set of engagement photographs. They help communicate personality and establish you as a couple that shares common interests. 

Holding Hands

No pose communicates the idea of partnership more than holding hands. It’s casual, intimate, and loving. Holding hands is simple and it can be done while walking, standing, or sitting.

Embraces and Kisses

A loving embrace or kiss is a pose that helps a couple communicate their love to each other. It also speaks to the viewer of the photograph too.

The pose can be a close-up kiss or embrace. It can equally be of a couple apparently on their own, sharing a private moment. Open smiles and laughter and strong eye contact work very well with a couple in an embrace.

Clothing and Style

Choosing outfits for an engagement photoshoot is tough. There are no strong traditions to lean on as there are for your wedding outfit.

Consider clothing options alongside the location. A countryside scene doesn’t work well with a glamourous night time party outfit. Similarly, a beach location lends itself to bare feet and casual wear.

If you want to get dressed up, consider a photoshoot in a proposed wedding location. You can be as sophisticated as you like at Bignor Park Estate, a historic house with croquet lawns and beautiful gardens.

Posed and Candid

An important choice to make with your engagement photoshoot is whether to opt for posed pictures or a more casual, candid set of pictures. This is something to discuss with your professional photographer.

It may be helpful to begin to discuss your wedding plans. The tone you set for engagement photographs can follow through into your choices for the wedding photography.


A conventional straight-on photograph has its place but playing about with angles can provide some interesting alternative ideas. Consider photographs from above, below, and behind. These options introduce some quirkiness that might bring out some character.

An unexpected angle can make for a memorable photo. For example, try an angle that captures the happy couple with the sun sparkling through the leafy tree canopy.


Props can be a useful way of adding to the story told by a picture. Your engagement ring is just such a prop. The classic engagement photo features the engagement ring prominently.

If you want to avoid classic or perhaps clich├ęd pictures use a prop for comic effect. A funny hat, some favourite fast-food, or some killer heels are examples of props that could be used to add another angle to your engagement memory.

Bring some colour to the picture and stay on the theme of marriage with confetti or fireworks. If the question was popped on a special holiday, use a memento from that holiday as a prop. A French baguette can refer to an engagement in Paris or an American flag to one in New York.


Your pets can feature in your engagement pictures. Cute kittens or puppies are always appealing and no less in an engagement photo. If your new partnership includes sharing your pets why not have them in the picture.

Engagement Photography

Once you’re engaged you need engagement photos. Spread the word and let others share in your joy. It’s a signpost towards the exciting prospect of a wedding.

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