Saying I Do During COVID-19: How Couples Are Planning Intimate Wedding Elopements

3rd June 2020
wedding elopements

COVID-19 has affected everyone across the globe in so many ways. But if you’re a couple who had a wedding in the pipeline, social distancing and the temporary closure of your wedding venue may have meant that your plans are in the air. You will be faced with a few options; hang on and wait until all of this blows over, or consider wedding elopements. 

You’ve waited long enough, and if you already have your bridal gowns and suits, why put it off any longer?

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can still plan an intimate wedding elopement during COVID-19. 

Ensuring Your Wedding Elopements Are Safe

Before you plan your private wedding, you will need to take some precautions. 

Make sure that you check out the local recommendations for staying safe during coronavirus. There may be measures in place that may prevent you from travelling. You will also need to consider the fact that you have to keep to the recommended distances. 

It’s essential that you put your health and the safety of others above all else when planning your unique ways to elope. 

The New Meaning of Eloping During COVID-19 

Eloping traditionally means to run away and get married without parental consent. Usually, this means that your wedding is private and family or friends do not attend it. Typically, in the UK, this could be somewhere like Gretna Green

In modern times, eloping often means having a low-key wedding without other people around. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are marrying in a different country. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, many couples who were due to marry have decided to elope. This means that they have opted for an intimate wedding for two, rather than the more significant event that they may have had planned. 

Will Our Marriage Be Legally Binding?

If you are planning on getting married in the UK, under lockdown measures, you may not be legally allowed to marry.

However, if your wedding is a few months away, you may be allowed to hold a legal wedding service. You may not be permitted many guests, though.

In this situation, you will need to obtain a marriage license, have legal witnesses, hold the wedding in a licensed venue, and have the ceremony officiated by someone who is legally allowed to marry you. 

If your wedding was meant to be now, you might want to consider holding a private wedding ceremony, which will not be legally binding. 

In this instance, you could theoretically marry anywhere and have anyone as a celebrant. 

If you opt to hold a ceremony that is private and not legally binding, you could choose to make your marriage legal once the COVID-19 measures ease. You can do this at your local registry office. This can either be done in front of two witnesses, or in front of your friends and family. 

Who Can be at Your Wedding?

You should have as few people as possible attending if you are planning on having a wedding during the coronavirus pandemic. 

While you can get married with just yourselves and a celebrant, you might want to consider having a wedding photographer and videographer to capture the special day for posterity. 

Making Sure Your Friends and Family Don’t Miss Out

Wedding elopements needn’t be something that nobody else gets to share. Share your perfect day with friends and loved ones through. 

To make sure that your family and friends don’t miss out, set up a live stream of your big day. 

There are a few technical aspects that you should consider before you live-stream your wedding. 

Pick a stable platform. Decide whether you want to see your loved ones on the screen too. If so, use conferencing software such as Zoom. 

In advance, make sure that all of your guests know how to use the software and have their microphones muted. Make sure that when they are invited, they know that they should dress for your wedding. 

Carry out some tests on your Wi-Fi to make sure everything is working well. 

Preserving the Memories of Your Special Day 

It is essential that you do everything that you can to preserve the memory of your wedding. 

There are two main ways that you can do that. 

Firstly, have your live stream recorded. That way, you can watch it back at any time. This is also useful for family and friends that might not have been able to attend the stream in the first place. 

If you hire a professional videographer to film your live-stream, then you will have a high-quality video of your day to keep for posterity, 

Secondly, book a wedding photographer

If you are getting married, you will need wedding photos to look back on for years to come. A good wedding photographer will capture the occasion’s magic. 

Planning Your Reception

Of course, under lockdown and within social distancing regulations, it might not be possible to hold your wedding reception quite yet, but that’s okay. Book your reception venue as soon as restrictions ease.

By waiting to hold your reception, you will be able to invite all your guests and enjoy beautiful venues such as Gate Street Barn or Southdowns Manor

Book Your Wedding Photographer Now

Just because you can’t have crowds of people at your wedding elopements doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to let the world see your wedding ceremony in all its glory. 

Your wedding can be safely photographed while adhering to recommended social distancing guidelines. 

Alternatively, if you need to book a wedding photographer for your postponed ceremony, get in touch today.