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13th May 2020

March 6, 2017

What a fantastic start to the year I have had! The diary is getting full, I am renewing my brand to create a more clean and crisp appearance to match my website and lastly a new job where I am interviewing and photographing small businesses with Small Biz Stories that will be posted on Facebook and their website.

Small Biz Stories follows many businesses all over the place to discover their best and worst times and how they got by everyday. The hurdles can be great and so it is very interesting to discover how they overcame these. It is aimed towards people who would like to start a business, who have a business and also just an interesting read to the everyday readers to inspire and have a peak into our little world.

Whilst I was away on my seems to be annual trip surfing in the sunny side of the world, I still worked away and had two photoshoots that stood out in particular.


Firstly was Ciara’s Beach shoot. 

Ciara was going through a tough time and wanted a confidence boost and to have some fun. To begin, a strawberry daiquiri and then to the beach where we rolled around the sand, splashed in the waves and made hearts out of hair. We giggled continuously as sun bakers watched with confused faces. Once we had finished, she was beaming. This is one of the many things that give me that warm feeling in my heart and a smile in my soul.


Luna was next. Her name says it all. She is such a cool chick! We had fashion shoot staring one of WDN Collective tops. Whilst we were shooting, we were joined by Milky (the local stray dog looked after by the community) which made for some sweet photographs. The sun was setting, surfers were catching their last wave in and the crickets creating a beautiful hum in the background. I am sure I will be working with her a lot more in the future. I cannot wait.

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