How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Countless times, I receive an email asking for my packages and prices. I will always return the email quickly knowing in my head, I am not the only photographer being contacted. I find this quite exciting so I wait, refreshing my emails every hour or so between jobs to make sure to be the first to reply.


Choosing your photographer is tough. What style do I like? How much do they charge? Do I get along with them? What do I get after? Are there any hidden costs?


Every question you ask, must be answered correctly to your personal preference otherwise, keep on hunting.

Southdowns Manor Wedding, Midhurst


From experience I have listed below what I believe is the most of important factors in choosing your perfect photographer in descending order.

  1. Do you like their style? If so, are they posed or natural? Natural can also be posed so if there is something in particular you have seen or would like to try then please ask the photographer what this involves. Some have to be timed perfectly or set up which can take time. Are you happy to spend a little more time away from your guests, putting 20-40 minutes aside for bride and Groom photographs to do this or would you rather document the day as it is and join in creating the natural smiles, tears and laughter.
  2. Do you like the photographer? It can be tough to read each other over email so don't be afraid to pick up the phone or arrange to have a coffee. This way you can find out whether you get along and will feel at ease with one another on the day. When you feel comfortable with the photographer, you won't notice them and they will capture you being yourself, not awkward and aware of the camera.
  3. Of course, price comes into it and if you have a set budget (like most do) then this may become 2 for you. But my personal opinion is, if they are £100 more expensive than the other photographer you think is OK then cut down on your 5 tier cake and only have 3 or write the name places yourself... memories and the photographs are what you will have for the rest of your life. You will forget about that £100 in 10 years ;-) 
  4. Check their reviews. You check it for hotels so why not a photographer. Check their Facebook, google reviews, website reviews etc. Of course if there are 50 good reviews and one bad then I wouldn't be too worried about that.
  5. Know what you are getting and be clear with that right from the beginning. Get them to write up a quote and what is included. Is it the bridal/groom prep all the way up to the first dance or just the ceremony? How many photographs will you receive and in what format? How long does it take to edit them? Will you receive them in colour and black and white? What happens if time runs over (happens a lot) their departure time? Do they charge more? Will you have an album?
  6. Check their terms and conditions before booking. It's important to know what is non refundable, what are the payment dates, what happens if they cancel or are ill on the day and will your photographs be used elsewhere etc? You don't want any nasty surprises on the day or after.


Hopefully by now you will be happy with your choice and will get the best photographs that will suit you and your day.


Frimley Hall Hotel, Camberley
Frimley Hall Hotel Wedding, Camberley
Sandhurst Military School Wedding, Camberley
Southdowns Manor, Midhurst
Blue Bell Wood near Petworth.

Passion Photography

What a fantastic start to the year I have had! The diary is getting full, I am renewing my brand to create a more clean and crisp appearance to match my website and lastly a new job where I am interviewing and photographing small businesses with Small Biz Stories that will be posted on Facebook and their website.

Small Biz Stories follows many businesses all over the place to discover their best and worst times and how they got by everyday. The hurdles can be great and so it is very interesting to discover how they overcame these. It is aimed towards people who would like to start a business, who have a business and also just an interesting read to the everyday readers to inspire and have a peak into our little world.


Whilst I was away on my seems to be annual trip surfing in the sunny side of the world, I still worked away and had two photoshoots that stood out in particular.


Firstly was Ciara's Beach shoot. 

Ciara was going through a tough time and wanted a confidence boost and to have some fun. To begin, a strawberry daiquiri and then to the beach where we rolled around the sand, splashed in the waves and made hearts out of hair. We giggled continuously as sun bakers watched with confused faces. Once we had finished, she was beaming. This is one of the many things that give me that warm feeling in my heart and a smile in my soul.


Luna was next. Her name says it all. She is such a cool chick! We had fashion shoot staring one of WDN Collective tops. Whilst we were shooting, we were joined by Milky (the local stray dog looked after by the community) which made for some sweet photographs. The sun was setting, surfers were catching their last wave in and the crickets creating a beautiful hum in the background. I am sure I will be working with her a lot more in the future. I cannot wait.

Choose a job you like and you will never work a day in your life!

I always seem to reminisce back to 2012 when Paul and Robert got married. This was my first wedding I photographed.

Back then I worked in a local coffee shop called Hemmingway's, in the town called Haslemere. Paul had recently moved to Haslemere from Brighton and started managing the evenings where Hemingway's would produce mouthwatering Tapas, fine wines and held many events such a comedy night, open mic and cocktail night. At the time I managed the days which would consist of a selection of yummy salads, paninis, smoothies and beautifully made coffees. Paul was such a sweet, fun and loving man to everyone who surrounded him. He truly radiated 'good vibes'.

At the time I was studying my first year in photography at Chichester College. I started to work double shifts to keep money afloat. Me and him would laugh the night away. One day he announced his happiness with Robert shortly after same sex marriage became legal and told everyone of his news. Paul and Robert were getting married and they asked me to be their photographer. My laughter slightly changed to a slightly nervous laugh that day.

After a little persuasion, he convinced me to do it. Don't get me wrong, its not that I didn't want to do it, its just the thought of someones photographs of their special day was going to be held in my hands (bare in mind it was only my first year of studying) the whole concept petrified me.

The day came and I went in their with my fathers Canon E0S 50D that he had handed down to me on my 18th birthday and just clicked away to make sure I captured every single little moment.

 The ceremony was held at the stunning Cowdray Walled Gardens in Midhurst and the reception at the picturesque, English hidden pub, The Duke of Cumberland in Henley. I knew a fair amount of guests who were attending, including my own boss at that time, which meant I captured smiles, laughter and the romance. I was very happy with the outcome.

The wedding was incredible. The excitement was high from same sex marriage only recently being a possibility and this created such a care free and non traditional affair. It was more of a gathering of friends and family on a warm sunny day with lots of bubbles, warm sun and smells of a delicious BBQ floating through the air.

Once I had done my work, I then too joined in the evening and danced the rest of the night away with my own little romance.

Weddings truly bring so much love together and remind people that the most important thing is to be there and support the ones we love and care for. Whether this be in 'work' or friendship.  I am glad I accepted it as a friend because now it has turned into work which I have so much passion and love for.

They say everything happens for a reason! 

Talking under the covers

My next blog was going to be a wedding blog but I could not resist telling my new adventure into boudoir photography.


I have always loved photographing people, dreamt that I would follow a fashion photography life but as I grew up I realised not every job is as easy as clicking your fingers. 


I tried to work myself in each sector of photography to try and build my talent in all areas so I could be well educated and prepared for when the right job came along.


I, like many wedding photographers, started off as a portrait photographer who then was asked by a friend to photograph their wedding. The idea of it scared me but set me off in an incredible excitement.


I said yes.


From there I realised the bigger, scarier and more exciting things in life were possible. 


If something frightens you because of its responsibility and just simply being a big job, then pull it apart, evaluate each part, see it as individual pieces which you just have to piece back together to create the bigger picture!


Many weddings later when I was in a meeting with Chris (my online marketing guru) who is supportive, fun and super internet savvy. I mentioned that I would very much like to photograph bridal boudoir, I laughed and said, "can you imagine if I started that up, my family, being pretty traditional in their ways, would be shocked!"

"Why don't you?"


Again I was set off in an incredible excitement.


Before I knew it, I had posted on community boards that I required models, a hair and makeup artist for a new project.

I had a great response and found my 5 models, my hair and makeup artist and a venue.

Cara Bray-Parry is a very talented Makeup artist and hair stylist. She studied at London of Beauty and Makeup and now works for MAC. I was lucky enough to have her on the team and she also kindly assisting me in some more strange attempts of getting 'The Shot'. Contact her via Facebook: Cara Bray-Parry MUA or on Instagram @carabrayparrymua


All the girls, of course had their little parts that they wanted me to take care when photographing. These being, scars, curves and general parts they didn't like.


Each model was different and each was a challenge. 


But each model felt comfortable. This is what was the most important thing to me. I wanted them to feel amazing. I fed and watered them whatever they wanted, they could choose what hair, makeup and poses they did and didn't want. 


We had so much fun throwing petals around the room, balancing on baths, playing with fairy lights and rolling around in bed sheets. The girls could wear as much or as little as they wanted but to keep and remain in my style, I avoided any upfront nudity as I wanted to create sophistication and style.


Since then, word of mouth has been getting around under the covers and I have had girls with all sorts of confidence issues and illnesses coming to me, wanting to try something new and invigorating.


I then realised. This wasn't just bridal boudoir. This was something way more important. This was about making girls feel comfortable and happy on the inside and out. This also was an art form.


I love how I have been able to interlink my wedding photography with boudoir. Creating something special for the husband as a wedding present. 

I now have the following on my website:

  • bridal
  • Individual 
  • Gift
  • Everyday
  • Couple 

Please click the link below to read more.

Weddings And Why I Bloody Love Them.

It's one thing being invited as a guest to a wedding and it's another as a photographer.

I am a complete soppy romantic when it comes to weddings. Two people entirely dedicating their hearts to one another and then to invite all their nearest and dearest to experience what is meant to be one of the most special days in their lives.

Traditionally wedding photography consisted of a documentation of the day and it's happenings. 

Now we are able to tell the day as a beautiful story. Now, quite commonly, the bride and groom will prepare their day as as the fairytale that so many brides dreamt about as a child. A woodland, lake, barn, beach or outdoor weddings decorated with fairy lights, foliage, horse and carts and messages in little corked bottles.

It's one things being invited to a wedding as a guest, it's another as a photographer.

As a photographer, I am very visual. I look for things that please the eye and succeed in the outcome.

I have been very lucky to experience some of these fairytales with true childhood romance.

Today isn't traditional, today isn't ruled, today is contemporary, daring and best of all, today is parchment and pen.

Hello World - Finding my eye

It only seems natural to tell you my story and how it led me to then tell yours.

I can actually thank my dad for this. He, like me now, had a great passion for photography and seemed to be picking his camera bag up wherever he would go. 

I remember the boredom I would feel as a child with never enough to do, wondering around his picturesque chateau in France. I must have climbed this one old oak tree, in dream of building a tree house, at least a dozen times a day, looking up at the leaves blowing in the wind for hours, running my fingers over the old formed bark that occasionally peeled back from slightly dried branches. My eyes were so open to the world and I longed for that to last forever.

Photography was my answer.

I would sneak into my dads office and ask if I could borrow his camera and with that I would disappear for a few more hours to return in excitement, covered in mud, leaves, dog slobber and moss from walls to show what I had captured.

On my 18th birthday, my father presented me with my first DSLR and by gosh was I the happiest girl alive. 

My travels begun. 

I travelled the world, my eyes open. The colours, the madness and best of all, the people.

This was the start to my new venture into Wedding and Portrait photography. I was inspired by every person and telling their story. I had to continue when I got home.

I was taken by the incredible people that I saw, met and became friends with and even the ones I had no idea about. Everyone was shouting out to my camera to capture their story.

It was the start of my story to tell yours.